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Monday, February 25, 2013

Week in Pictures: February 19-25

Tuesday starts off my dialysis week. I go 3 days a week, 4 hours per day. I wasn't feeling too good during this treatment.

Wednesday I wore my Tokidoki Panda tee that I got on Melrose in Los Angeles. The jacket is a Fox jacket that I picked up for like $2 at Goodwill. My mom was awesome & she treated my brother & I to Jason's Deli. I had the California Club, Broccoli Cheese Soup & Fresh Fruit Cup.

Sunday, I wore my amazing "fancy" sweatshirt with lace detail from Urban Outfitters. Topped that off with my super warm button up from Aeropostale. Wore that with skinnies & UGGs, of course. I wore makeup & felt good that day, so I actually smiled, lol.

Today, I wore another Tokidoki top. I actually borrowed the red sweater cardigan from my mom, lol. And the jeans, they were just meant for the Tokidoki top, since they have a matching plaid lining all the rips in the jeans. I was shocked to find these skinnies at Wal-Mart, they are a brand called Red Rivet & they are very well made & I just love them. And for only $20?! How could I pass them up? My cute short & slouchy boots I actually bought from my bestie Ashley, since she was going to return them. I was happy to fork over $40 to her, they were just what I had been searching for.

Lastly, today I finally tried the Fish McBites at McDonalds. I mean, these things are insanely addictive. I LOVE them. I can't eat them too often because of my restricted diet for renal failure & dialysis, but they were definitely a nice treat. And of course, I had to have fries with that.

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