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Lori (scottish_diva);
"Amanda did an amazing job with the graphics she made for me. She worked hard to provide me with exactly what I wanted, she made them quickly and to an exceedingly high standard - I'd def. order graphics from her again =), she's also a total sweetheart."

Lindsay (;
"I LOVE all my icons <3 Amanda is by far one of the BEST & SWEETEST designers :) I got them FAST *next night* and they were BETTER than I imagined :) I DEF recommend her site :) and her customs. :)"

Jessica (sweetkisses13);
"Amanda makes absolutey gorgeous graphics. She is a great person to purchase from because, she makes beautiful icons, does great detail, gets them to you fast, and is all around a great person. It was a pleasure having her make me such beautiful icons. And look forward to having her make me more soon. =)"

Kate (my_written_soul);
"Well I really liked how fast you were with my icons. It took only two days which is so fast. I loved how you emailed me about how my colors I chose didn't work with the icons. I also love your style. The animation you used was so pretty. I love the style of text you used. Your prices are really good too. In closing I would say that I was very very satisfied with your work. I also will be buying some more icons in the future."

Jessica (sweetkisses13);
"Thank you for the beautiful icons, you always make such gorgeous graphics, you give all different variations, and make things in a timely matter.
I'll be ordering PR's again from you in the future. Thanks for all your work!! =)"

Katie (loveat2am);
"You were one of my favorite makers out there. You pr's came very fast and have many different variations which I loved. I will definitely get more from you soon."

Sica (velociraptorx);
"You have made me some of my favorite icons I've ever had. Your work is creative, unique, fun and always amazing. You tend to do more than one version of each icon and you do so in such a short amount of time, it is crazy! I love your work, always have - always will & if I ever get money again [and more icon space.] I'll definitely order again. I would recommend you to anyone & everyone. =o)"

Danielle (latinadanie);
"The icons that you made me were perfect. I loved the different variations. I had my order done in just a few days. Will definitely be ordering again."

Melissa (motherautumn);
"Thank you so much for the wonderful icons, blinkies and sigtags. You were very fast on getting them back to me, by far the fastest of all PR's I have requested. Very creative and original, I was very happy with my goodies, thank you again so much."

Trish (silverobsession);
"Even though I love your other graphics, your icons are my favorite. I'm totally in love with them, and want more! Very great maker. Very honest (doesn't rip you off), always gives you a few variations to choose from! Won't hesitate to get more! Thank you xox."

Emma (tragic_eyes88);
"Amanda is one of my favorite makers. She made quite a few of my icons which are absolutely stunning. She's unique with her creations and I absolutely adore her icons. She also is quick and gives a few variations with each icon. Definitely worth getting PRs from her. <3"

Amanda (skeletalembrace);
"Amanda makes beautiful icons, and also makes you variations of one request so you have a couple to choose from. I think that alone is very amazing of her because she doesn't have to do that but goes out of her way to in effort to make you even happier. She also has a quick turnaround time!"

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