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Rules & Info

R U L E S & I N F O R M A T I O N

✻ You must comment when you take or pick up anything & ALWAYS credit properly. This means credit icons in keywords, layouts where credit is provided, & all other graphics with hover credit. Please credit wrath@community using LJ TAGS or HOVER CREDIT.
✻ When making a request, always fill out the proper form & use your manners! If you forget your manners, I will delete your request. Always follow the rules for each individual post.
✻ Always delete anything in [brackets] & always use hex codes.
✻ When requesting a photo icon, the photos must be HQ and at least 600x400. Nothing close up, I must have room to cut around it. No pics with more than 1 person in them, that is just a pain to deal with & no black & white photos. (Certain requestables may allow up to two people in one picture.)
✻ I have a loved list. People on this list do not count against the total number of requests I am taking. I also have a shit list. Get on the shit list & you won't be getting anything else from me!
✻ DO NOT ever, under any circumstances, UNLESS YOU ARE LOVED, put anything in the subject line. If you are loved, please put lovebird as the subject & NOTHING ELSE. Lovebird pass holders may request any freebie even after it has been marked "closed".
✻ NEVER ask me to change, customize or omit something from a freebie. What you see is what you get. Period.
✻ I will not comment and tell you what you did wrong when I delete your request, so just make sure you do it right and there won't be any problems!


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