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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 on Tuesday: Harder than I Thought

ONE. Tuesday always starts off with dialysis. Just a new fact of my life.

TWO. I missed The Oscars. I decided to go to work with my mom & I couldn't get the live streaming site to work. Doesn't matter though I didn't see any of the nominated films & really wouldn't have known the difference by seeing the winners.

THREE. I felt really good about keeping up with blogging this past week. It's easy to do when you take pictures & have blog hops & such to participate in.

FOUR. I saw my Nephrologist today. He says I am not eating or drinking enough & some of my important numbers are dangerously low. I definitely have to fix that problem.

FIVE. I won a giveaway at Once Upon a Book for a signed copy of a book called His Yankee Bride by Rose Gordon. I can't wait to read it & I will post a review as soon as I finish it!

SIX. I need a haircut. And I need to get my eyebrows done. Stat.

SEVEN. Anyone want to give me ideas for ways to build a following? Not like a massive following, but a following that actually reads my blog & engages in content & activities.

EIGHT. Craving a chili cheese coney & tots from Sonic! With a large diet coke, lol. They have the best fountain drinks.

NINE. I'm so happy to have a car again, but I am in dire need of gas & gas monies right now.

TEN. It is time for another trip to the beach Even the Mississippi Gulf coast will do.


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