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Monday, May 6, 2013

Warriors in Christ: Prayer Requests

Covered in Grace

As part of my new walk with Christ, I decided to link up with this group of bloggers, called the Prayer Warriors. I would love to be able to meet people in need & fulfill prayer requests for them.

"The power of prayer is amazing.
God is listening. Always.
We have been called to love. To love others as Christ has loved us.
To approach each day and each person that we see with loving eyes, a peaceful heart, and a sound mind.There are so many ways to love God’s children. Each and every one that he has created.
One way to do that….is prayer.
Every day we log onto Facebook*Twitter*Email*Blogs
There are always new photos, updates, jokes, quotes, complaints, celebrations, triumphs, hardships, losses, invitations, cries for help…for support…
What if we said prayers for those that ask for them, right then and there. What if we close our eyes and bow our heads and put everything else out of our minds. And for that tiny moment, it is just us and God, talking about our friends.

Can we pray for you?

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