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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog for Japan

"This page is dedicated to helping raise money for the survivors of the Japan Tsunami. I want to keep this as simple and light weight as possible. As such the concept is simple, if you have a blog, newspaper, or other way of publishing information and are willing to support the Japanese Survivors I would ask you to reproduce and promote this article:"

How to Help Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors

Other ways to spread the word:
1) Copy and past the post as is and publish it on your site.
2) Modify it as you see fit and publish it on your site.
3) Use the NEW Blog4Japan badges on your sight and in your posts. Just right click to save as and post away. If possible please link them back to here or the donation page. Big thanks to designers and fellow travelers Hop and Jaunt for making the badges!
4) Promote the original and subsequent republished versions to your contacts.
5) Use the term #Blog4Japan in your posts and on twitter so that they can find you and promote your article.
6) Refer other bloggers and online publishers to his page.

This was copied & pasted directly from Todd's Wanderings - Blog for Japan with permission.


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