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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Social: Halloween!

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?:
This really cool monster/zombie type costume designed by my Daddy. He used a recipe for this awesome face makeup like they use in the movies. It was textured, lumpy, gorey, bloody & just plain gross, lol!!

2. If you could go back to your childhood & dress up as something, what would it be?:
Probably to the year we threw a big Halloween bash. My mom had all 3 of is custom designed & tailored costumes. I dressed up in a gorgeous genie costume, that was silver & pink, so silky, shiny & luxurious. I felt like a million bucks that night!

3. What was your favorite Halloween costume as an adult?:
The year I dressed up as Cleopatra. That was an awesome costume.

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?:
This is a difficult question!! Seriously though, overall? Probably candy corn. As far as whet you get when trick or treating, I'll go with 3 Musketeers or Milky Way.

5. What is your favorite Halloween memory?:
Definitely the year that Michael & I went all out decorating our apartment & dressing up. We won 1st place in this big contest that Mississippi State was having & we didn't even know there was a contest, LOL!

6. What is your favorite scary movie?:
The Original version of The Grudge I guess. It's really a very hard choice though!!

Next Weeks Questions: Random
1. What is currently on your wish list?
2. Share a new iPhone, droid, iPad app that you have recently discovered that we all need.
3. What is a new fall tv show that you have added to your dvr?
4. Share your social media links so we can follow you. (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc) Tell us which is your favorite and why.
5. What is a tv show, movie, or song that you could watch or listen to over and over and never get tired of?

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